Since 2011 we have rehomed over 500 Dogs!

10930078_1539651739635434_4172292458862135916_nWe are the business of providing Happy Tails.   We first began our project when we witnessed the living conditions and the huge amount of Stray and Abandoned Dogs in Ladonia when we moved here in 2010…  It was a local shame, and many thought the project was impossible.  Citizens walked town with sticks and weapons to avoid a bite or conflict with stray pitbulls or packs of them.  We have overcome adversity and even  an arrest during the process of exposing abuse and neglect from not only citizens but law enforcement in Fannin County.    To many of our local community we are shunned and looked upon as odd outsiders, or wacked out crazed liberals?  We are very conservative people, but we where brought up with compassion for our fellow man and his best friends also. housing-auth-0061-1024x768   We first began removing strays that occupied public spaces, including housing, stores and our city square.  We had very little help, but found sincere donors who help fund much of the spays and neutering required to make a change.  We slowly became more than a private organization, as our local community abandoned animal control and left us to fend for ourselves.  With that we excelled, having them out of the way made the process cleaner and was not as complicated.   Today we still serve our local city but the problem has been reduced  by 90% from our first days.    So, Over time we have solved the majority of our local stray problem, and have began to Rescue more and more Dogs from Local Kill Shelters.   We do our best to always Spay or Neuter 100% our Rescued Dogs.  trampWe do not adopt to the local area or Counties.    We do our best to adopt to larger populated metro’s due to the amount of help available and better resources available to them, such as Humane Societies, and Not for Profit groups….