The Mission of the Ladonia Shelter is to provide an No Kill Shelter option for those in the greatest of need, many of the undesired, even the Pitbulls.  The unwanted, the neglected or abused.   We do not accept surrendered Dogs but you may contact us about any Dog in neglect or subjected to abuse within Hunt or Fannin County.  Over the past 7 years our Shelter has re-homed well over 700 Dogs.    100’s of others were provided meals, care and medical attention.  Many of them returned lovingly back home and some re-homed to much brighter horizons.   We have not put down one Dog and never will.  We have many lifetime mates as a result, but some of them still succeed over time.  Please join our daily conversation on Facebook/Ladonia Shelter.  Click on the Category:   Dogs ready for Adoption then  please Text or Call 903-413-5960 for more information .  Please leave a message as we are always busy and short of volunteers. 

We do not have an adoption fee, since Dogs do not know about money, but we sure could use donations of food, products and even cash for Vet care.  Rescuing a Dog will not change the World, but for the Dog the world is forever Changed.  We do screen each and every home through a series of questions and conversations before we adopt any Dog, we want to ensure the right home and the right dog…  We pride ourselves with great connections and positive love matches.   

We work for the Stray Dog, but also reserve the right to advocate to protect any People or other Animal under attack from poor Care or Societies ills.  Our goal is to advance our common culture in an attempt to end the suffering of the Stray and abandoned Dogs from our  same culture.  We need your feedback, please feel free to contact us via email:

Our Favorite Dog Poem: Written for the Stray Dog, dedicated to our Rescues who have passed:  for  Lolly, Bon-Bon, Emmitt, Chico, Scarlett, Kiki, Lucky, Frisco, Luther, Bootlip and Rascal may you R.I.P.

Your wistful eyes searched each one as he passed,      Stray dog–so lost, so starved and starkly thin,

And yet, your gallant hope held to the last      That there would come a heart to take you in.

Some came who jeered at your bewilderment,      Some kicked you, shouted and threw things till you’d gone, But oh more cruel was the one who bent  And petted you, and murmured–then went on.–CHARLOTTE MISH written in 1935    shared by Glenn Wolfe Ladonia Texas